About the Artist

I'm not going to try and gaslight you into thinking that my artistic soul travels beyond the deepest abyss of inner feelings and thought. Nor will I try to impress you by using big post modernist words like re-deconstructionism, undecidability, or dissemination. I hate that shit. I’m an artist who likes to paint things that interest me. I tend to use bright, loud and aggressive colors in concert with interesting, fun figures and objects. Though, when I feel a need, I will address the social, economical and political issues of the day. My true aim is to have people to walk into a room a say "Wow! that’s a cool painting.” It’s as easy and as simple as that. 

I grew up in Tucson Arizona in a happy Beaver Cleaver like family. I have a Bachelor of Studio Fine Arts degree from the University of Arizona and I attended grad school at Arizona State University studying fine art photography and painting.  I moved to Southern California in 1990 where Ive been a professional photographer working as a photojournalist for daily newspapers (23 years) magazines and in the corporate and commercial world. Now Im concentrating mainly on the painting and art.